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Our Summer Spanish Courses

People Languages wish to bring attention to the Spanish language course during this summer in July and August 2012. In all of our courses you will find a double common denominator which differentiates us: to learn Spanish while enjoying yourself and our personal promise that ensures great security and confidence of students.

The philosophy of People Languages is nothing other than transmitting the Spanish language in the most natural and easy way possible. Our programs, Spanish Summer Course (Juega y Aprende, Experiencia Española), English Football Camp, Spanish Camp and Spanish Summer School make learning Spanish different – much more fun and natural. Furthermore, we also organise an English football camp with Sunderland AFC in the Costa Blanca. You can combine this with the courses.

Sunderland AFC Football Camp

The courses with Spanish families in the Costa Blanca are full of activities in Spanish. Some of the activities included in the Summer school are theater, cooking, rescue techniques and first aid – which are all activities that help the student to learn the language without realising. We pay special attention to the selection of Spanish families for our students. Prior to the allocation of students into host families, we ensure that we have knowledge of the student to ensure they are placed in an appropriate family – this is vital to the stay of the student.

The Spanish Summer Camp is an alternative option to staying in Spanish families, in which they can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. In this Spanish camp, in addition to the classes and activities at the International School, we return to the camp to play Spanish games, sing songs in Spanish, activities in Spanish, including Spanish evenings with our native monitors with whom we spend the best days of the summer.

Situated in the beautiful Costa Blanca, our English football camp assisted by coaches from Sunderland AFC provides the perfect formula for non-English speakers to learn the language through sport, while native speakers can enjoy the activities and weather.


Also in the scheme you can see below the courses that most suit you, according to locations, dates or features.

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